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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5th June - Wednesday - Weigh Day

Early start to this freezing morning, couldn't sleep so ended up sitting up in bed with my iPad and watched some show I taped last night.

Thanks to my Optus plan, I got last week a Optus TV Fetch bundle (Optus TV with Fetch is a high definition digital set top box that lets you record multiple channels simultaneously as well pause, rewind and record Live TV plus free 30 movies per month to choose from as well as paying extra for other packages, but we're sticking with the freebie stuff) and we put this in my room as it has to connect to my Internet which also means that any of the free movies I download is also free in regards to my Internet data usage which is great news, am currently downloading "the grunge" lol

Also Optus has an app for my ipad which controls the box too incl setting up all my program's to tape, I have a virtual remote control as well plus I can choose then play my taped shows all from bed with my iPad, brilliant!

Hehehe both Michael and Toni have chosen movies too so we are going to have movie nights in my room each week, cosy lol

Okies 7:30 am, I'm off to have my thyroxine plus my delivery from Lite n Easy is due too.

Back later today with updates

Weight Results: +200g gain | 208.7 kg

Not feeling the best tonight, I think I might have caught Toni's cold as she is very sniffly and congested and I feel the same

Damn, if I continue to feel like this overnight, I will have to cancel tomorrow's appointment at the lymphoedema clinic :(

Bed is calling me and I am so so tired, night all

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4th June - Tuesday

Wow something good happened today, Michael and I worked out a schedule for the house cleaning etc including "allowing" me to help too which is a fantastic step forward for me - might sound weird but the kids have been fanatical in trying to stop me from doing things that end up making me sick, like cleaning the house etc and it is true that if I did something for an hour or so, I end up with my legs flaring up and having a cellulitis attack that lasted for days.

So I can do small things for short periods at time then I have to agree to rest and we all agreed that we would try this for next month and see how I go - woohoo so exciting

Quiet day otherwise, ringing up for quotes and it looks like we need to actually buy a new air conditioner as its going to cost the same to repair as it will be to buy, so we are now looking at different brands plus getting quotes to install and boy is that expensive!

But it is fun looking I have to admit :)

Gym didn't make it there today as I just wanted to get this air con stuff out of the way and by the afternoon I was buggered so went back to bed to rest.

Tafe is also hard at the moment but I am loving it and this semester is nearly over so need to pull my finger out.

Two photos above, top one is my Lite n Easy Steak & Mushroom Pie which was delicious and very tasty.

The second photo was of my cat who had decided to sneak up and jump up on my bed and fall asleep at my feet lol then the kids covered him up and he still stayed asleep :)

Well, not much else to say so going to sign out for today :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd June - Monday

An up and down day today, topped off with our air conditioner in the lounge room no longer heating, cooling is fine but a lot of noise and no heat which looks like the compressor has given up the ghost according to the gentleman who came out this afternoon

He thinks it will cost more than the unit is worth to try and fix but I am getting some quotes before accepting that and looking at buying a new one plus the exorbitant installation cost, and of course it is the beginning of winter this happens lol sigh, luckily my unit in the bedroom works like a gem and to be sure, we had it serviced and cleaned while the guy was here, just to be sure.

Unfortunately with my illnesses we need to have pretty stable temps in the house so we do need to come to a decision pretty quick as to a) what we can afford and b) when we can afford it

All this after I just got the money together to register our car including two new tyres before being passed for rego argh so now we are struggling big time again to come up with well for us it's a huge amount of money (over $1500 for unit and installation) but still, I love challenges and I can do this :)


Anyway, today I had the Lite n Easy tomato soup with ciabatta toast for lunch and it was so nice, loved it!

Beautiful blue skies here again even though it was cold, was toasty warm in my room with the blinds wide opened, front door shut and the sun just warming the room, nice.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

2nd June - Sunday

HBeen a wet, windy weekend and quite cold and to make matters worse, the air conditioner in the lounge room is not heating up, just a lot of noise but no heat, so tomorrow I will call and get some quotes on servicing / repairing that unit as well as servicing the one in my bedroom, due to my lymphoedema, I can't afford to get too cold or too hot so the air conditioners are a MUST in both rooms.

Toni's boyfriend has stayed over since Friday so the house has been full of noise, laughter and lots of teasing :) Nice sitting back and feeling content.

But I am going through my stages of frustration and anger about the way my house is being neglected and chores not being done like promised by my older son, just upsets me that if things were done each day, there wouldn't be such an issue as there seems to be?  He just can't seem to "get it" and I can't keep asking Toni to do them as well as her own chores plus Tafe.... AND she seems to be doing the bulk work in looking after me too which technically is his job as that is what he gets paid to do and stay at home.  And believe me, I have tried to tell him he doesn't have to be my carer, he can get out, get a job, move out even, I would be ok with a paid carer outside of the family but he keeps saying he wants to be here, wants to be my carer etc

Having said all that though, I am grateful the kids do the best they can, we are very close and I couldn't imagine being without them

It's just some times, I'd like to have my house in the condition I'd like it :)

Onto other things, it's day 4 of this week's Lite n Easy and had some really nice meals today example, breakfast was 2 poached eggs w ham on multigrain toast

I'm not counting points or calories etc, I'm just having Lite n Easy 1800 calories breakfast & lunch (& snacks) plan plus we make good nutritious filling dinners.

I am writing everything down though that I have just so I have some sort of accountability especially when I have to substitute items.

Love the Carman range of biscuits, bars etc like hmm Dark Chocolate Cranberry & Almond bars plus Muesli Biscuit Rounds - yummy to die for!  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st June 2013 - Winter is here

After having actual Autumn weather, Winter has now hit hard, it's freezing, raining and actually feels like Winter which of course it is now duh LOL

Been away from the blogging world far too long this time, I've missed it, but just couldn't get my head back into here but I am going to make a valid attempt to update more often (hand on heart "I promise") LOL

But I have been keeping up with all the news etc on Facebook which has been good.

News happening in my neck of the woods?

Hmm finally got my wheelchair fixed to almost brand new after gosh 8 months?  Was ridiculous how long it took, thank goodness I could still use it though very gingerly and to be honest, I really didn't go out much just in case it broke completely while we were out and I got stuck somewhere, anyway, it's fixed now and I've been out a few times and it feels much more comfortable and easier to push with new tires etc.

Had an appointment with the lymphoedema clinic but disappointment there again, but giving it one more go on the 6th June cross fingers.

Weight wise, I have been weighing in each week with my kids as well, and been fluctuating up and down but not really moving too far in any direction which has been frustrating.

I am currently 208.5 kg (was 210.2 kg last week, so lost 1.7 kg woohoo) and have had a lot of trouble getting out of the 200's this time round, no matter what I do, the fluid in the legs just is uncontrollable and I have no idea what will happen from one day to the next which is playing with my mind a lot!

Oooh good news though in regards to cellulitis attacks, there have been none :)  No flareups, tho little hints that make me wonder if it's about to hit but then I go to sleep and when I wake up (normally shaking, fever, chills etc) I'm feeling tired but normal, so the Keflex I am on morning and night seem to be doing it's job as my preventative antibiotics

Plus I am on Oxycontin morning and night slow release tablets which have been a great help in managing pain, I have not had to have Endone for couple months either, which again is a blessing

Well, that's it for now, nothing dramatic really, told you I was boring :(  but unfortunately, that's me and my daily life, just struggling to get through the day with a smile on my face.