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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4th June - Tuesday

Wow something good happened today, Michael and I worked out a schedule for the house cleaning etc including "allowing" me to help too which is a fantastic step forward for me - might sound weird but the kids have been fanatical in trying to stop me from doing things that end up making me sick, like cleaning the house etc and it is true that if I did something for an hour or so, I end up with my legs flaring up and having a cellulitis attack that lasted for days.

So I can do small things for short periods at time then I have to agree to rest and we all agreed that we would try this for next month and see how I go - woohoo so exciting

Quiet day otherwise, ringing up for quotes and it looks like we need to actually buy a new air conditioner as its going to cost the same to repair as it will be to buy, so we are now looking at different brands plus getting quotes to install and boy is that expensive!

But it is fun looking I have to admit :)

Gym didn't make it there today as I just wanted to get this air con stuff out of the way and by the afternoon I was buggered so went back to bed to rest.

Tafe is also hard at the moment but I am loving it and this semester is nearly over so need to pull my finger out.

Two photos above, top one is my Lite n Easy Steak & Mushroom Pie which was delicious and very tasty.

The second photo was of my cat who had decided to sneak up and jump up on my bed and fall asleep at my feet lol then the kids covered him up and he still stayed asleep :)

Well, not much else to say so going to sign out for today :)

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