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Every day challenges of my life, physically, mentally & emotionally.
About my family, pets, weight loss & exercise plus becoming healthier & managing my lymphoedema & other medical problems.

Medical History

I have Primary Lymphoedema, Lipodermatosclerosis and Elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis) of both legs which means I am now confined to a wheelchair.

2015: (see Current Medical)


Been so many changes since 2011/2012 but one of the main ones is around middle of May I was put onto preventative antibiotics, Keflex 2 tabs twice a day (am & pm) plus OxyContin Slow Release 1 tab twice a day (am & pm)

This was a major decision but after every 3 or so weeks having really bad attacks of cellulitis which 3 out of 5 times ended with me in hospital having IV antibiotics then taking weeks to get better then the next one and so on, it just got so overwhelming that after consultation with my local Dr, we decided to give this a try

The pain killer was just so necessary, I was withdrawing more and more due to the never ending pain in my legs which felt on fire and burning, normal Endone just wasn't helping, so I reluctantly agreed to try OxyContin for a trial period with Endone still for break through pain 

Fri 26th July: I am just recovering from my first major attack of cellulitis since I started the preventative regime

11 weeks & 4 days since my previous attack (6th May)

So I had to increase Keflex to 4 tabs twice daily for next ten days and cross fingers that's the end of this episode for a long time


In 2011, I had a lot of episodes of Cellulitis in both legs which on a few occasions, meant I had to have extended stays in hospital with I.V antibiotics or towards the end of the year I was treated at home with nurses coming out twice a day to administer IV antibiotics.

Pain is a constant factor due to the legs, but I have decided not to keep taking pain killers as they were really numbing my mind but doing nothing for the actual pain.

With the legs too I'm fighting a losing battle with fluid retention as the lymphatic system is becoming more compromised, but fluid tablets do not work for lymphatic fluid.

This means my legs can differ in weight up to 5 or so kgs in one day, but typically if I sit with the legs down for any length of time even in the wheelchair, my legs will become heavier, swollen and extremely painful.

On a good day I can go out in the car if my legs aren't swollen, but only for short drives at this time.

I am a chronic asthmatic, but have a very good management plan in place and touch wood, have stayed out of hospital (for asthma) now 6 yrs running (winter is an extremely tough time for me usually)

Medication (as of end 2011)

I have recently been diagnosed with extremely low Vit B12, Vit D and iron deficiency which means I'm taking tablets for Vit D, iron and fortnightly Vit B12 injections with monthly blood tests to check on progress.

I also have been diagnosed with hypothyrodism (under active thyroid) which has only recently started playing up so I have been put on tablets for that as well, to be monitored monthly to check on dosages.

Plus currently on 4 tabs antibiotics 4 times a day plus my usual Seretide (asthma preventative) rounds off my lovely day's worth of tablets.

Will update end of Jan with new medical info as it happens (hopefully coming off some of these would be nice) Blood pressure though is normal which is a plus.

Photos taken end of 2010