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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5th June - Wednesday - Weigh Day

Early start to this freezing morning, couldn't sleep so ended up sitting up in bed with my iPad and watched some show I taped last night.

Thanks to my Optus plan, I got last week a Optus TV Fetch bundle (Optus TV with Fetch is a high definition digital set top box that lets you record multiple channels simultaneously as well pause, rewind and record Live TV plus free 30 movies per month to choose from as well as paying extra for other packages, but we're sticking with the freebie stuff) and we put this in my room as it has to connect to my Internet which also means that any of the free movies I download is also free in regards to my Internet data usage which is great news, am currently downloading "the grunge" lol

Also Optus has an app for my ipad which controls the box too incl setting up all my program's to tape, I have a virtual remote control as well plus I can choose then play my taped shows all from bed with my iPad, brilliant!

Hehehe both Michael and Toni have chosen movies too so we are going to have movie nights in my room each week, cosy lol

Okies 7:30 am, I'm off to have my thyroxine plus my delivery from Lite n Easy is due too.

Back later today with updates

Weight Results: +200g gain | 208.7 kg

Not feeling the best tonight, I think I might have caught Toni's cold as she is very sniffly and congested and I feel the same

Damn, if I continue to feel like this overnight, I will have to cancel tomorrow's appointment at the lymphoedema clinic :(

Bed is calling me and I am so so tired, night all


  1. what a cool gadget!! Awesome idea :)

  2. Love that, wish we had that here in NZ

  3. Sounds like a good thing for you to have Anne . Enjoy it ...

  4. Sounds good that thing!
    How ya doing?
    I've not been reading blogs much this year... so much to do, so little time now!

  5. Hey, awesome gadget....

    Gotta love those thyroxine :-)

  6. Great idea, and I can't think of someone who might deserve the TV in their room given that you end up spending chunks of time in there! Although hopefully less so in future :-)

    Good to see you came back for a bit, how are things going now? Did you get to the clinic? New air-con?

    I'm hoping to get to Sydney / Wollongong in a month or so, and if I do would love to come and meet you in person if you are okay with that?

    Hope you are well. Much love, Penny xo

    1. I can't wait to meet you, nervous as hell though, I don't get a lot of people dropping in anymore :( but I'd love to see you and I promise to come back and do a catch up blog


  7. just checking in with you and hoping things are ok <3

  8. Hi Anne, hope you are ok, I was thinking of changing from Foxtel to Optus due to the Fetch package, can you tell me how much it costs monthly.



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