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Monday, January 11, 2016

FB page

My new FB page that I've been working on.  Because I'm on FB the majority of the time and for ease of being able to communicate with most of you, I decided to "try" and see if having an FB page will help me in being more active.

Not that I have that much to say per se, but I am trying :)  I know so many of you have said that it's all interesting to you and that I should continue to blog all aspects not just "weight loss" so I have started to try and open myself up more in sharing not just the good times but the bad times, the every day times, my daily challenges in living with lymphoedema, trying to eat healthier, learning exercises and ways to help ease the chronic pain etc.

So, this blog of course is my home :)  But my FB page is the link between my real life FB and here.. a gateway if you will.. there are still people on my real life FB who I don't want knowing details about my "other" life purely because I know they will judge me and I can't deal with that right now.  I know that's not right, but because they're "family" well, I'm trying to do the best I can.

So, please if you haven't had a chance yet, I'd love you to pop over to my FB page, like it, share it, leave a visitor post for me :) .. be gentle, I'm really nervous about this.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday, what a day!

Saturday started off with a surprise visit from my mum, she popped down for lunch and ended up staying for the afternoon, was really good to spend some quality time with her and so soon after Christmas too.

We ended having Subway for lunch plus Gloria Jeans cappuccino as well, very nice!
Then we spent some time talking with the kids and we were picking her brain in regards to the couple hydrangeas we had brought and next thing I know, she and the kids were off driving to Bunnings to have a look at some bigger pots (31 - 34 cm pots) plus saucers and some petunias to plant around them as well,mom and more potting mix.

Toni called me on vid so I was able to "see" and have my opinions as well, that was really good, actually we also got two hanging pots of purple & white petunias, oooh so pretty!

I said to mum if she had time did she want to stay and help pot them and yep, thats what we all did. Put the round table out front patio and I was able to sit out there and help well, watch anyway as we ended up potting the two new bigger pots plus the two smaller pots I had already brought but were too small for the hydrangeas so we just put mixed colours petunias in there on their own.  Plus we hung hooks up on our roof / gutter thing and hung the hanging pots too.

Success :). Looks beautiful, now though we have to get stuck into the rest of the front garden then we will look at putting a veggie garden out back, Michael really wants to do that too so that is good for me.

Was so nice to sit outside in the fresh air, wasn't too hot, nice cool breeze, felt really good.

Unfortunately I'm suffering tonight, not exactly sure why, just feel really "off" and sick in stomach, strange.

Anyway, was definitely fantastic having mum here and helping and she says she loves this part of  gardening where you repot plants etc, so I've booked her for next time :). Oh she already does all our rose & gardenia pruning, so she'll do these new ones as well when they come due.

Love you mum, and thank you so much!

I'll try and add some pics to the post too, am writing this via blogger app on iPad so not sure how this will work, wish me luck!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Yep, it's me, don't go.... I promise I'll be more active this year, actually, I really missed blogging, yep, you heard me, I missed blogging! :)

Basically I stopped because I really felt like I had nothing to offer you all, my life was so boring, the same old thing day in, day out, my weight loss stalled due to my many health problems and I mainly was focussing on getting through each day the best way I could.

I really didn't think you'd be interested in reading about my daily battles just to get out of bed and move let alone my struggles with lymphoedema, wheelchair, not being able to fit in the car so therefore becoming 24/7 housebound, plus my kids etc.

But I decided to give it a try just for a bit and see what happens...

Drop a comment off if you like and say "hi" :)

Hope you all have a fantastic fun day today as we welcome the new year ...