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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011 - Sat

Last day of 2011 - it's been a turbulent year, filled with unfortunately more lows than highs, but I am still here.. fighting away, just maybe a little more weary, but I am looking forward to 2012 - new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams, new ambitions.

Healthwise I am going into the new year with a few more problems than before, but that's ok, I needed to get my body sorted from the inside out and that starts with identifying problems such as extremely low iron, Vit B12, Vit D and an underactive thyroid and hopefully now that I'm taking medication and injections for these, maybe my body will finally find a balance and start repairing itself again, still, I am giving it my best shot this time round, no skipping medication, no burying my head in the sand.

I am still on antibiotics too from the last attack of cellulitis just before Christmas, but that too is ok as I seem to always have a lingering infection as my last lot of bloods showed, so this time we're going to keep taking them till the blood tests come back showing no infection, maybe then I can have a break from the almost monthly cellulitis attacks which believe me have absolutely worn me out emotionally and physically.

Weight well, the end of the year sees me with a gain to report but not a massively large one which I am very thankful for.

I will be weighing in officially tomorrow, 1st day of 2012 and then weekly after that on Fridays. I will be following the Weight Watchers plan still and I am hoping to attend Curves Gym at least twice weekly (of course depending on my legs as to whether or not I can go that often) plus weights at home plus the Wii programs.

I will be back on 1st day of 2012 with an update on how I am approaching my life differently which includes my weight, my lymphoedema and my mobility issues and all that entails (such as getting out of the house more, socially & mentally active)

So, to my old friend 2011, good bye, farewell and thank you for teaching me more about myself and I hope to put into practice all I have learnt going into 2012.