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Monday, June 3, 2013

3rd June - Monday

An up and down day today, topped off with our air conditioner in the lounge room no longer heating, cooling is fine but a lot of noise and no heat which looks like the compressor has given up the ghost according to the gentleman who came out this afternoon

He thinks it will cost more than the unit is worth to try and fix but I am getting some quotes before accepting that and looking at buying a new one plus the exorbitant installation cost, and of course it is the beginning of winter this happens lol sigh, luckily my unit in the bedroom works like a gem and to be sure, we had it serviced and cleaned while the guy was here, just to be sure.

Unfortunately with my illnesses we need to have pretty stable temps in the house so we do need to come to a decision pretty quick as to a) what we can afford and b) when we can afford it

All this after I just got the money together to register our car including two new tyres before being passed for rego argh so now we are struggling big time again to come up with well for us it's a huge amount of money (over $1500 for unit and installation) but still, I love challenges and I can do this :)


Anyway, today I had the Lite n Easy tomato soup with ciabatta toast for lunch and it was so nice, loved it!

Beautiful blue skies here again even though it was cold, was toasty warm in my room with the blinds wide opened, front door shut and the sun just warming the room, nice.


  1. Oh Anne sorry to hear this. I am hoping the problem can be fixed cheaper than you think.

  2. hope the air conditioner situation gets sorted soon. I absolutely LOVE your backphoto!!! (and thankyou for the lovely message, made my day and perfect timing giving a further attack this evening!)


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