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Sunday, June 2, 2013

2nd June - Sunday

HBeen a wet, windy weekend and quite cold and to make matters worse, the air conditioner in the lounge room is not heating up, just a lot of noise but no heat, so tomorrow I will call and get some quotes on servicing / repairing that unit as well as servicing the one in my bedroom, due to my lymphoedema, I can't afford to get too cold or too hot so the air conditioners are a MUST in both rooms.

Toni's boyfriend has stayed over since Friday so the house has been full of noise, laughter and lots of teasing :) Nice sitting back and feeling content.

But I am going through my stages of frustration and anger about the way my house is being neglected and chores not being done like promised by my older son, just upsets me that if things were done each day, there wouldn't be such an issue as there seems to be?  He just can't seem to "get it" and I can't keep asking Toni to do them as well as her own chores plus Tafe.... AND she seems to be doing the bulk work in looking after me too which technically is his job as that is what he gets paid to do and stay at home.  And believe me, I have tried to tell him he doesn't have to be my carer, he can get out, get a job, move out even, I would be ok with a paid carer outside of the family but he keeps saying he wants to be here, wants to be my carer etc

Having said all that though, I am grateful the kids do the best they can, we are very close and I couldn't imagine being without them

It's just some times, I'd like to have my house in the condition I'd like it :)

Onto other things, it's day 4 of this week's Lite n Easy and had some really nice meals today example, breakfast was 2 poached eggs w ham on multigrain toast

I'm not counting points or calories etc, I'm just having Lite n Easy 1800 calories breakfast & lunch (& snacks) plan plus we make good nutritious filling dinners.

I am writing everything down though that I have just so I have some sort of accountability especially when I have to substitute items.

Love the Carman range of biscuits, bars etc like hmm Dark Chocolate Cranberry & Almond bars plus Muesli Biscuit Rounds - yummy to die for!  


  1. Hi

    Might be good for your son to have a change a his age...otherwise it might be hard for him to get into the workforce at a later age? hope you get your heater fixed so annoying for you!

    1. My mum used to say that to my son too and he turned around to her and said that he considers this a real job looking after me and that he loves doing it so when he read my post, he came up and hugged me and said he knows we are always going to butt heads regarding house cleaning stuff etc but when it comes to looking after me he values doing that and that I should never feel like he's getting the bad end of the deal, it's his life, his choice and we really do get on very well :)

      Besides a full time carer is a very "real" job, without him I'd be so much worse off and I thank him for wanting to help me

      He loves computers and we all have fun together with games, movies, gym, swimming etc as well as his own personal time.

      As he says, it's his choice and he loves doing it and it is his job.


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