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Saturday, June 1, 2013

1st June 2013 - Winter is here

After having actual Autumn weather, Winter has now hit hard, it's freezing, raining and actually feels like Winter which of course it is now duh LOL

Been away from the blogging world far too long this time, I've missed it, but just couldn't get my head back into here but I am going to make a valid attempt to update more often (hand on heart "I promise") LOL

But I have been keeping up with all the news etc on Facebook which has been good.

News happening in my neck of the woods?

Hmm finally got my wheelchair fixed to almost brand new after gosh 8 months?  Was ridiculous how long it took, thank goodness I could still use it though very gingerly and to be honest, I really didn't go out much just in case it broke completely while we were out and I got stuck somewhere, anyway, it's fixed now and I've been out a few times and it feels much more comfortable and easier to push with new tires etc.

Had an appointment with the lymphoedema clinic but disappointment there again, but giving it one more go on the 6th June cross fingers.

Weight wise, I have been weighing in each week with my kids as well, and been fluctuating up and down but not really moving too far in any direction which has been frustrating.

I am currently 208.5 kg (was 210.2 kg last week, so lost 1.7 kg woohoo) and have had a lot of trouble getting out of the 200's this time round, no matter what I do, the fluid in the legs just is uncontrollable and I have no idea what will happen from one day to the next which is playing with my mind a lot!

Oooh good news though in regards to cellulitis attacks, there have been none :)  No flareups, tho little hints that make me wonder if it's about to hit but then I go to sleep and when I wake up (normally shaking, fever, chills etc) I'm feeling tired but normal, so the Keflex I am on morning and night seem to be doing it's job as my preventative antibiotics

Plus I am on Oxycontin morning and night slow release tablets which have been a great help in managing pain, I have not had to have Endone for couple months either, which again is a blessing

Well, that's it for now, nothing dramatic really, told you I was boring :(  but unfortunately, that's me and my daily life, just struggling to get through the day with a smile on my face.


  1. You go girl.. You can do this. I will support you in anyway I can, even if it is only cyber hugs xxoooxx from afar.
    I thank you for your support that you have provided at different times. It has been invaluable. more hugs xxoooxx

    1. Aw thanks Roma, hugs back to you, we are in this together for the long haul right? :)

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    1. Thanks Jackie :) am working on a header for here next time I'm up and on the PC


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