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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weigh in results

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb

Was: 205.9 kg | 453.0 lb

Now: 204.0 kg | 448.8 lb

Loss: -1.9 kg | -4.2 lb

Total losses: 29.2 kg | 64.2 lb

This is cool, felt like I had lost but I tend not to trust those feeling as I'm so often bitterly wrong but not today :). A nice -1.9 kg loss!

To top it off, Toni went and beat me with a resounding 2.6 kg loss AND she's her lowest weight too, so now she's concentrating on slow and steady with the goal in mind of fitting her beautiful dress we just bought for a wedding she and Paul are attending in Feb 2014.

So proud of her, she's really embraced doing the weight loss and fitness with me, really helps keep me motivated too.

Feeling off tonight, very tired and both legs feel like I have fire ants inside them, I've been bragging about how I haven't had to have extra painkillers apart from my daily am & pm OxyContin tabs but tonight, I swear I am a sec away from grabbing an Endone!


  1. What great results for you and Toni.

    Do hope your legs are not so bad today.


  2. wow, well done to you and Toni.

    Hope you used the Endone and feeling heaps better today.


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