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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weight in results for Wed 18th Dec

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb

Was: 204.0 kg | 448.8 lb

Now: 204.5 kg | 449.9 lb

Loss: +0.5 kg | 1.1 lb

Total losses: 28.7 kg | 63.14 lb

Bought new vacuum cleaner, kambrook, $89.00

Paul arrived today plus his room, paid $660 for del, install and pickup

Felt crap the last few days even more so since "tom" arrived, it's Wed and tonight just felt off, nauseous, ended up way under calories and made myself eat some shapes for supper since I didn't eat much dinner, no lunch and only nutrigrain for breakfast

Tomorrow if I feel up to it, have an appointment for Michael at Westmead Hospital after lunch, so hopefully I'll be up for it, then gym on Fri.

Bit bummed bout the gain but was only 500g or 1.1 lb so not too bad, trick is to stay focused and concentrate on the next two weeks as I think we might weigh in next on 1st Jan 2014.

Anyway short entry tonight.


  1. You know it's not a serious gain. Tomorrow or maybe next week that should be gone providing you do get the rest you need and feel better.

    Don't know if you remember but way back in SFL days I was awake at night a lot with some kind of rash on my arms. It was never diagnosed and I learned to live with it. Used buckets of chalomine lotion, anti histamine cream and lived on panadol it seemed. It went on for months. I have the same thing again but it seems to be easier to recognise the symptoms this time..... Shingles. Not something I can recommend :)

    Hope you do feel better ASAP.


  2. Bugger about the gain and 1st of January sounds like a good weigh in day hhhmmmmm :)

  3. I will join you on the 1st January weigh in….I am way out of control.
    Keep up the great effort Anne. xx

  4. Have a wonderful christmas :)


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