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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Weigh in results

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb

Was: 206.3 kg | 453.9 lb

Now: 205.9 kg | 453.0 lb

Loss: -0.4 kg | -0.9 lb

Total losses: 27.3 kg | 60.1 lb

So a loss of 400g this week and according to MFP (my fitness pal) I was on plan to lose 500g so very happy with that.

I have though updated my profile to aim for at least 0.75 loss this week, so my calories have dropped down which is fine by me.  I was thinking of going higher and aiming for 1.0 kg per week but nah, not with my physical limitations, not yet, I just want to get into a rhythm and see how things go naturally.

Went out today on a surprise outing lol I thought Toni was going on her own till she beeped at me from the driveway where she had turned the car to make it easier for me to get in and off we went :)

Ok ok it was only to the Pet Barn store but it was fun but oh so hot, I'm not used to being out siting in the car, unfortunately I couldn't go inside so waited in car but that was ok, we used Hangout video on our phones as she walked through the store so I could see what was in ther and we spent up big, mainly medications etc for the dogs as one of them is badly affected by flies and on her ear they've opened up a small sore, so we now have antiseptic ointment, repellent spray, waterproof antibacterial spray, plus a special brush to help shed her coat is it a shedder brush? Anyway, we tried it and definitely was worth buying.

Plus a really big ceramic water bowl plus some extra buckets to fill with water too, plus a new frame bed to keep them off concrete when they want to sleep outside kennel.

Oh we also bought a really cheap ($45) pop up 3m x 3m gazebo to put outside to give dogs some shade too and we will put their bed under there too, oh and some collars too lol.

Yep spent a bit but well worth it, they're pets sure, but to us, they're family too especially my older dog (12yrs) as she's been there for me when I was at my lowest, unconditional love!

So early Christmas present for them :)


  1. Can't do better than that.... meeting your target for the week that is.

    Warm weather has brought back a skin condition I had when I first met you in the SLF days. Nothing to see but itchy, so bad it wakes me up at night and feels like I'm being attacked by a hoard of mozzies. Not to mmaon about just another nuisance.

    Thinking about reducing calories. You are wise not to go too low. When you do it affects the adrenal glands..... think stress ..... think stalled weight loss or even gains ..... very bad for general health :) You certainly have enough going on without adding problems. :)


  2. Ummm... I didn't know you had dogs? How did I not know this?
    Nice you got out in the car... sounds like you guys spent a small fortune!
    Good loss... keep it up.


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