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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weigh Day

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb

Was: 208.6 kg | 458.9 lb
Now: 207.8 kg | 456.7 lb
Loss: -1.0 kg | -2.2 lb

Total losses: 25.6 kg | 56.3 lb

A kilo lost this week, pleased with that considering, actually, no, let's leave it as, I'm pleased :)

I missed "tom" last month but sure enough it turned up on Mon with all it's associated aches and pains, really painful actually especially with the legs as they swell up more than usual and feel very hot to touch, like I'm burning up inside as like a cellulitis attack but thankfully not an actual one.

So been a pretty ouchy past few days but hopefully finishing today or tomorrow then it's back to gym and maybe swimming (cross fingers).

Ooh I bought myself or the kids did for me :) a new flexbit flex whom I have named "Roxy" or flexy sexy Roxy lol and I know there's a fair amount of tweaking to get it set up for me example setting up my stride lengths or lack thereof as it's saying I'm doing a hell of a lot more steps than I am, so once it's adjusted for my little waddle steps hopefully will be more accurate.

But I like being able to track my sleep and steps even if it's only 50 a day, I can then strive for 55, 60 and so on.

Plus I can do my weights, seated boxing, bed dancing etc and it all gets counted, so will encourage me to do a little more each day, doesn't matter if the actual number is weird, too little or too much or for what exercise it counts, just that for each day after, I can do a little more and mentally that's a good boost.

I have got my fitness pal app too and might try that as they both link together too, as I said, tweaking to be done but that's ok, I needed something to lift my spirit up as I've been feeling pretty low recently and yeah I know, stopped blogging or answering ppl on Facebook for which I humbly apologise.

I guess I'm just disappointed that I just can't get out of the 200's and it's driving me crazy and the extra weight is literally killing me piece by piece as my legs are starting to feel the added pressure.

Plus other signs are depressing me too, mainly the lack of use my legs have been getting is leading to muscle weakness and atrophy which is really worrying.  I feel it very much so lately with back of my heel, ankles and calf, hurts to flex my feet and when I stand up it's bearable but take a step and bam, feels like hot knives stabbing the back of my heels / feet.

I'm scared I'm totally losing the use of my legs :( and that's it too late!


  1. Thinking of you Hun have fun tweaking !!! ;)

    1. Wow you were quick lol, thanks Donna, yeah have a bit of reading to do and learn what I can or can't do with Roxy lol

  2. Hi. I too am thinking of you. You do so well in spite of health problems. Hope Roxy helps make the difference you want.


  3. New toys are fun, enjoy and congrats on the loss :)

  4. You use all and everything at your disposal to keep those legs from seizing up! I am sure you will do everything you can, that's for sure.
    Well done on the loss and the new toy.

  5. Enjoy that new toy….
    and as for the legs, never give up trying to stop them seizing up...

  6. Hi Anne:) Good for you on the loss. I know it's frustrating wanting to see those scales drop, and they will, so hang in there and enjoy your new toys. Slow and steady wins the race.


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