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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weigh day and update on Michael

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb

Was: 206.2 kg | 453.6 lb
Now: 208.6 kg | 458.9 lb
Loss: +2.4 kg | +5.3 lb

Total losses: 24.6 kg | 54.1 lb

Really depressed at the moment re these numbers, just seem to be going backwards without stopping and yeah I get a couple good weeks then bam, gain after gain after gain!

Decided to take my frustrations out on planning some good meals for the coming fortnight and also did an online shop as well sticking completely to my list, yeah go me :)

Today in defence of the gain, was pretty much expected since I was out most of the day either in the car traveling to and from the hospital plus sitting in the wheelchair for hours which is definitely not good for the legs as I could feel them swelling under the thighs and above the knees as I was sitting and sure enough, when I went to get back in the car, was a real struggle not only to life my actual leg in, but to be able to physically fit both legs in AND shut the door, very tight squeeze with absolutely no gap between the door and my left leg or the middle console and my right leg and with the extra swelling under the upper thigh, I couldn't lift myself up enough to sit properly as the swelling stopped my bum / upper thigh from sitting on the seat, so very uncomfortable and ok, unsafe trip home.

Once there of course, it was a struggle to get out, go to the bathroom then such a relief to just flop into bed and immediately raise my legs up and just relax, actually Jackie, I'm sorry, I think I snoozed off while chatting to you

Anyway, it's early Thursday morning here and I'm sitting up in bed with legs still raised and actually feeling pretty ok which is great :)

In regards to why we were at the hospital today, was for Michael.  He has had a really bad sore on the front of his left leg, it's not open but it's pretty nasty looking and just won't go away, been a couple years and I finally got him to agree to get it checked out as now it's looking really bad.

So we went to the leg ulcer clinic at Blacktown Hospital and the nurse and doctor both said after looking at it and getting his history etc, well the nurse did, the doctor just sat there with her back to us, talking away on her phone.

Strangely enough, the nurse knew me from Westmead and Blacktown hospital on my many admittances and boy it was good to say I wasn't the patient :)

Anyway, they said they want to refer him to the dermatology clinic at Westmead for follow up as they have absolutely no idea what it is, they said he might have had an ulcer way back but doesn't now.

But the other concern is his left leg is twice the size of his right from toes up to the knees.  They were talking bout his lymphatic system and my ears pricked up, I had to ask since it is suspected that primary lymphoedema can be herititary.

The doctor then said in between talking on the phone mind you, that it wasn't relevant or important what I had since we're not related!

WTF?  The nurse, Michael and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.

Um hello?  I'm his mother the nurse told the doctor who just went meh and went back to talking on the phone.

I was pretty ropable by now and wanted out of there, Michael just rolled his eyes lol

Anyway, they took lots of blood and he had an X-ray as well.  Plus they took a photo of his leg to put with the referral they would send to Westmead and that was it.

Now we wait.

Michael said afterwards, she must have thought I was his wife or girlfriend so take it as compliment that I looked young enough? Lol yeah right!

In all seriousness though, we are going to ask that the dermatologist exhausts all other avenues in finding out what this is on his leg before doing the biopsy as it was the same dept, same hospital all those years ago that fucked up the biopsy on the front of my leg that awoke my lymphoedema.

We of course now know that if you suspect lymphoedema or a compromised lymphatic system, the last thing you do is open the skin on that limb or create pressure, so no blood tests, no injections, no blood pressure, nothing.

Too late for me but I be damned if I let them just play guess work on my son!

Anyway, this has turned into the post from hell I'm sure if you're still reading at this stage, but just feels good to get it all out there and I can stop worrying if for one night.


  1. Fuck! I hope he doesn't have the dreaded Lympho!
    And STAY IN BED today girl! Your body needs the rest.

  2. This is a big worry for you. Hope it all works out in the end. I know you will keep being concerned about your weight but here's my tuppence. Stay as healthy as you can eating the good food you plan and be proud of yourself.

    What an awful day at the hospital. Very rude doctor. Unbelievable.

    Take care and be strong.


  3. OMG the worry for you must be horrible, and that awful Dr, how rude.

    REST and take care. x


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