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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Happy birthday to my gorgeous puppy girl Jordan, she is starting to show signs of old age but her spirit is as loving, as fun as when she was a pup.  She loves me unconditionally and I can't imagine not having her around, she is my best friend!

Also today is my middle son's birthday, Darren, but as per usual, no contact, no calls, no replies to my texts, still hurts, still makes me cry but I have to toughen up around my other two as they have basically cast him out of their lives since he obviously has no desire to be in ours, but I'm his mum, I can't do that even though it would be easier emotionally I have to admit.

On a brighter note, it's my guy's birthday tomorrow so early skype session with him and organising him coming back over to stay few months from around Xmas which we both can't wait for, miss him heaps!

Health wise, lots of pain still with legs as per usual so dealing with that, but getting a little frustrated with how quickly my legs swell back up down when I spend any time sitting up in normal chair, I can't, won't, spend the rest of my life in bed, there has to be a better alternative surely?  And of course that reflects in my weight losses and gains, so dramatic sometimes it's overwhelming, I mean to gain up to 5-6 kilos from one morning to that night?  Ok I can see and feel the weight difference from morning to night but it's a little frightening to see the actual numbers reflect that and I can only imagine the damage, the toil this constant dramatic fluctuation is taking on my body, the stretching of the skin, the heaviness when I stand or go to walk, the overall pain, it's just mind boggling that my body is withstanding all this every single day.

But I carry on, no choice.

This week's happenings are hmm Mon, Michael has to go and get a referral letter from our local doctor to take to his appointment with Ambulatory Care Dept at Blacktown Hospital which is this Wed.  But Tues, he has to go up to Mum's at Kariong to help her put stuff out after dinner for her Council pick up, so he'll be there for dinner and do all that then head home, it's about 1-1/2 hrs from home to there, so not too bad.

Hopefully on Wed, I'll be well enough to go with him as he wants my company lol and since I set all this up, I guess I should go, hopefully we will find answers and treatment for his leg finally! 

Apart from that, weather has eased off here today, actually rained a bit, didn't get the promised storm though but maybe tomorrow?

Ok signing off for now

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  1. Happy birthday Jordan and for your man tomorrow too. Take care Anne thinking of ya


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