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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weighing in today

Was: 206.5 kg | 454.3 lb
Now: 205.5 kg | 452.1 lb
Lost: 1.0 kg | 2.2 lb

Wow, very happy with that result

Also I can now see out of my left eye, all blurred though but that's back to what is normal for me, just still sore and hard to see when bright sun or light but that will hopefully improve.

Legs are good too as per "normal" for me anyway, no cellulitis, no redness, minimal pain, nice :)

Very scary watching the news, listening to the radio in regards to all the bush fires around that are out of control, massive damage to houses etc and some loss of lives already and goodness knows how many native animals plus just seeing all the devastation is heart breaking.

My thoughts goes to all those fighting the fires and their families, you are all indeed silent heroes in my eyes.

Am glad though it prompted the kids and I to do some planning for the "what if" type situations as in what would we take if we had X amount of time to get out and we really thought about what was important, necessary and couldn't be replaced going down to what was not essential.  One thing I had to think about was my clothes, they were listed as important necessary, not because of how nice they were but because of my size and my legs, I couldn't just go out and replace them or wear donated clothes, horrible but true, so kids and I agreed that they'd have to be a priority too plus wheelchair again strictly for mobility. 

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  1. I've been thinking of you as the horrible fire news keeps coming. I wondered if you were being affected by the smoke.'

    Glad you are doing well.



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