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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Lost 500g since yesterday, weighed after night sleep, leg was down a little but by no means back to normal and sure enough, swelled back up again within an hour of sitting up

Lot of pain in the left leg too tonight, tight around the knee, above and below like a tourniquet wound too tight?  Toni tried massaging it before she went to bed,helped a little but still immense pain and I'm literally counting down minutes till I can have an Endone... 20 mins to go and counting!

Don't think I'll be up for gym tomorrow, truthfully don't think my leg would fit on the car seat properly without getting caught on the lever under the front seat, which is not only dangerous but potentially life threatening as the lever has in the past caught and tore the skin under my leg and it took ages to heal and with almost 100% certainty of a cellulitis episode! nope! I need to be extra careful.  We came up with a trick of putting a towel draped over my seat and falling to the floor over the front which covers up the lever and has been really good in helping my leg slide out without getting caught! but that's under the assumption that the leg isn't swollen, so now it is, hmm, I think I'll back housebound for a while till it goes down more :(

Ordered and paid for another 11 bracelets (10 for ChrisH) so hopefully arriving before end Oct then I can send them onto ChrisH and her girls.  Hope they like them all but I think they will, I know Toni and I love ours.

Think I need a new video card too for the PC as it's all pixelated and looks crap esp when playing games like WOW and Minecraft, I need my games!

Tired, frustrated, determined and sad, feels like I've gone backwards a lot.

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  1. How frustrating for you Anne . Chin up and smile . Loved those bracelets . Rest up and carry on thinking of you.....


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