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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weigh day again

Was: 205.5 kg | 452.1 lb

Now: 203.5 kg | 447.7 lb

Lost: 2.0 kg | 4.4 lb

Did not expect that result this week, makes 3 weeks losses in a row and nearly my lowest weight this year (203.4 kg)

So would love to get into the 190's soon and out of the dreaded 200's!

Even managed to go to gym on Tues too, hurt like hell afterwards but was definitely worth going.

Tomorrow Mum is coming over for lunch with Michael and I at home, celebrating early Michael's birthday which is Sun 3rd Nov.

Then hopefully on Fri, I have the Hearing Centre audiologist coming to reset my new hearing aid as it's definitely not on the correct settings, so hopefully we will fix that.

Owie my legs are really hurting today, not cellulitis hurt but like I've done 1000 squats, my upper thighs are killing me, strange as I only did upper body work at the gym but I guess having been in bed for weeks, getting out to the car, sitting in the car, then sitting in chair doing the exercises, I was holding my body straight with both feet on the ground, so obviously I was doing more than I thought and it shows lol or feels I should say hahaha.

Short but sweet, I will try to get back in here tomorrow (Thu) and update more.

Night :)


  1. Good to see you lose another bit of weight. It really tests one's patience when the numbers come down and you feel so close to another milestone. I'm kicking myself, not too hard though, for slacking while we were away and now I have nearly 4 kg to lose rather than a few grams to hit my next big 0

    Having fun with family is always special. Happy Birthday to Michael.


  2. Hope the lunch went well, have a great night, and awesome about the gym - and congrats on the loss :)

  3. Excellent loss girl. you can inspire me now! I have totally lost the ONWARD FOR LIFE plan this week! But, I too have a goal, and it's up to me to get there... with your help! And I will offer you all the support I can from across the ditch. Love you ya silly cracker-tart.

  4. awesome work!! and the results are showing ... very proud of you!!


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