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Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday update

Pinch punch for the first of the month ...

Wow this year is just flying past but I guess I've missed a fair bit of it being sick so much which is beyond frustrating but nothing I can do about it apart from what I'm doing.

Michael's 32nd birthday on the 3rd Nov, now I feel old!

Just been taking things easy since going to gym on Tues and suffering so much day or so afterwards lol but was going to go today but had an appointment at home with Hearing Aust to reset my hearing aid but they didn't bother to turn up and when I rung up they said they had cancelled it they think but didn't ring and tell me!  Now have to rebook which could take months!  Sigh.

Oh got Michael's appointment date on 13th Nov for the Ambulatory Care Dept at Blacktown Hospital, basically the Leg Ulcer clinic.  Can't wait as I'm getting very nervous at how bad his leg is looking and I desperately want him getting the right treatment ASAP so he doesn't end up like me with my legs being undiagnosed or mistreated for so long.

Poor Toni got stuck helping me unknot my hair the other night.  Problem I have with being in bed so much is my hair is always put up in a ponytail to help keep it out of my way, but it just gets so knotty and when I'm sick so much, sweaty etc, I'm just not able to brush it and after few days wow it's bad.

Tonight Michael and I are on our own again as Toni has gone to her boyfriend's house and won't be home till late Sat night, then we are going to make Sunday Michael's spoiling day lol :)

Anyway, Michael bought these incredible looking Herbert Adams pies for our dinner tonight, will let you know how they go, hang on, might have picture of boxes.

Not sure which one we are having tonight though.


  1. yummo those pies are yummo….hope you enjoyed :-)

  2. Hope the pies were nice,,,Toni is a treasure ,,,,good luck for michaels leg and birthday
    Have a awesome week anne


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