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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weight results - 25th Sept

Start weight: 213.5 kg / 469.7 lb

Week 1 lost -2.9 kg
Week 2 lost -3.8 kg
Week 3 lost -3.4 kg
Week 4 gained +1.8 kg
Week 5 lost -0.4 kg
Week 6 gained +1.0 kg (cellulitis attack 2-3:00 pm straight after weighing in)
Week 7 lost -1.0 kg (now back to 2 tab twice daily Keflex)
Week 8 lost -0.8 kg
Week 9 gained +1.3 kg (cellulitis attack Tues 2.30 am, clindamycin tabs)
Week 10 gained +3.3 kg (very swollen heavy right leg)

Total in 10 weeks: -4.9 kg / 10.78 lb
Average: -0.49 kg / -1.078 lb

Previous weight: 205.3 kg / 451.70 lb
Today's weight: 208.6 kg / 458.92 lb

Very depressed about this weighing result.  Much as I know with my head it's mostly if not all due to the heaviness and swelling of the right leg as it's almost impossible to lift without help, it's really hard emotionally accepting the result.

Toni wants me to weigh each day to try and get an idea of the fluctuations plus see when my leg comes back down again, I'm just over it all to be truthful, but she won't let me give up.

She even starting tracking for me as I had given up after losing all the data couple days ago, again I just can't get motivated enough to do it right now, so she's gently pushing me

I am in so much pain tonight, can hardly swing my right leg at all and it's just so so heavy, the damn OxyContin isn't even blunting it at all, hurts so much!

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  1. Sorry about the gain, hope it all settles soon for you soon. And good on Toni for keeping you going :)


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