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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Weight results - 18th Sept

Start weight: 213.5 kg / 469.7 lb

Week 1 lost -2.9 kg
Week 2 lost -3.8 kg
Week 3 lost -3.4 kg
Week 4 gained +1.8 kg
Week 5 lost -0.4 kg
Week 6 gained +1.0 kg (cellulitis attack 2-3:00 pm straight after weighing in)
Week 7 lost -1.0 kg (now back to 2 tab twice daily Keflex)
Week 8 lost -0.8 kg
Week 9 gained +1.3 kg (cellulitis attack Tues 2.30 am, clindamycin tabs)

Total in 9 weeks: -8.2 kg / 18.04 lb
Average: -0.91kg / -2.00 lb

Previous weight: 204.0 kg / 448.80 lb
Today's weight: 205.3 kg / 451.70 lb

Frustrating, was sick early Tues morning (2:30 am) turned into another cellulitis attack and I had to go on clindamycin tablets as I was so low on Keflex that I couldn't increase it enough to cope with this episode, so now on 2 clindamycin tabs every 6 hrs plus OxyContin & panadol plus endone as needed in between.

Took a while to break the fever this time round but had no choice about staying at home as Michael had gone up the Central Coast taking my mum for her 2nd eye surgery and left home 5:30 am Tue and came back home Wed afternoon.

Mum is doing really well, now has had both eyes done with virtually no pain and she says she sees so much more clearly now which is fantastic.

If only it helps with her driving! (Lol)

My right leg is getting redder so will need to keep an eye on that but all I can do is rest, elevate, hydrate and be patient.

Oh hopefully my doctor is back from holidays so we can get more Keflex, clindamycin and endone.

Study has taken a back seat AGAIN which is frustrating, but the kids keep telling me to just focus on now, getting well then doing "normal" things again

Patience bah humbug!


  1. Hang in there Anne...you'll get back to the study. Must be so darn frustrating for you though...

  2. Hope the cellulitis is on the mend now ;) how frustrating for you

  3. You know your health is going to be an ongoing frustration eh? Yet you always seem to get over each hurdle thrown at you. You ARE AMAZING.
    And yaaa for ya Mum seeing so much better now.


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