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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tue 17th Sept - sick AGAIN

Today was supposed to be Toni's & I girly day / night cause Michael had to drive up Central Coast to pick Mum up and take her for her eye surgery today, then he'd go back to Mum's place and wait till called to go pick her up, then he was staying the night so he could take her to her local dr Wed for checkup, then all being well, he'd be home Wed night

So Toni got our treats yesterday, our shows to watch, games to play etc

But 2:30 am bam was hit with the strongest, worse attack cellulitis for a very long time, but I made Michael go for mum, we just have to be careful here, Toni is really carefully looking after me especially since we don't have a car in case I get worse and need to go to hospital

Highest temp 38:8 atm but it's up and down as in chills and fever and shakes and wanting to throw up and my right leg is in such agony, I want to cut it off!

Gotta go I'm all over the place and can't stop crying :(


  1. I'd be crying too. Disappointment,pain, feeling unwell.... you do get hit hard.

    Hope this bout is short lived and I'll be thinking of you and praying.


  2. Thinking of you hope your feeling a bit better now hope it went well with your mum

  3. ohhh dear Anne. thinking of you ...hugs, xx

  4. Chop the friggin thing off! >>> sorry, I'm no help. I know chopping it off would not solve the problem.
    Hang in there, it will pass.


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