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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sun 24th Feb 2013

Took a few photos today of clouds, most interesting as from one direction blue skies with wispy clouds, then from another direction stormy clouds, was fun to try and select the few I wanted for the photo a day challenge.

Anyway, went to the Dr's today and she agreed that with Michael's leg we need to get the Leg Ulcer clinic to have a look to either rule out an ulcer or come to some other diagnosis as at moment we are stumped.  So got the relevant paperwork filled out and I will post it tomorrow for them to get back to us with an appointment.

Me, well we had a long discussion too about what to do to either prevent future cellulitis attacks, learn how to minimise or at least lengthen the time in between attacks to help give me a break and to let my body heal.

So my current course antibiotics of Clindamycin ran out yesterday but she agreed that I can stay on them till Tues 26th so I can be well for my birthday tomorrow 25th lol then from 26th Feb - 12th Mar I'll be going on a low dose of Keflex antibiotics.

Goal is to NOT have another attack of cellulitis within that 14 days, after that I'll go back and see her and decide what I'm going to do then, ie stay on the low dose for longer period or come off completely and see how things go

Of course if I get sick within that 14 days then who knows :(

Woot tomorrow is my birthday :)
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  1. Happy Birthday Anne...

    Love the pic of the clouds.

  2. Happy Birthday, have a good one :)

  3. Happy Birthday for today chick!! Hope it's a good one and your kids spoil you rotten!! ;)


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