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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mon 25th Feb - my birthday :)

Just a quick note for now and I'll be back later tonight with lots to say hopefully :)

Was a sad start to the day though as it hit me really hard early hours this morning that this time last year was the last perfect day I spent with my sister - we went up and spent the day / night with her for my birthday and she was sitting up in the lounge room, feisty, alert, talking, arguing even at some stages :) was a bittersweet happy memory which made me cry for quite a while this morning, remembering.


  1. One year anniversaries are the hardest to bear, and that's OK because it's part of loving.

    Other than that particular sadness I trust you are having a very Happy Birthday.

    Blessings to you all

  2. Hi Anne

    Happy Birthday! I hope the day went better for you and that you have a bit of fun and some new memories to enjoy!

    Take care


  3. Been thinking of you today, hope you had a wonderful day and made more memories to hug in your heart. xx


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