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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fri 29th Jun - Weigh Day

Disappointing to say the least, I gained 0.5 kg this week, even though 100% on track, I did only manage 1 lot of exercise and the legs were very very swollen and heavy so the slight gain while not liked, was expected.  So no doom and gloom today (well, ok, I had a little bit bout 10 mins worth LOL) but picked myself up and moving on to a new week.

Realistically, the best I can do at the moment is rest, exercise at home while I can (don't know if I can even get into the car at this stage) and continue monitoring what and how much I eat.

Apart from that, I have no control over the legs so my time and energy is best served concentrating on what I can control.

See what the new week brings me eh?

Only quick update as even though I'm "trying" to be positive, it is hard I have to admit when I'm in so much pain and wondering if it's all worth is.. which of course I have no doubt it is but... I'm just saying LOL


  1. Hey Anne, keep plodding along, it is all we can do. I have been able to move more freely than usual, and I am sure you will be doing better soon.

  2. Good that you id not let the disappointment pull you down.


  3. Hang in there hun, your're doing the best you can...


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