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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thu 28th June

Kids did a mad cleaning for me last night / early today which was really good to see (no they didn't read my posts LOL) but even Michael got into the spirit and wow the house looks good today.

Reason they had to do this was I had some people come over today from Fusion plus my OT (Vish) to talk about the big bathroom renovation they want to do to make it disabled friendly / accessible.

Boy all our previous ideas that my OT had come up have flown out the window and Ralph (Fusion) was a funny, genuine, caring guy who just came in and disappeared into the bathroom with Vish.

When they came out complete with drawings etc all he would say was "I think this is a bit radical, but...." and OMG VERY radical indeed and absolutely going to be a dream bathroom for me / us.

I'll show you details later when I get drawings but wow is all I can say right now.

Financially too I only have to pay what I can afford be it 0$ or upwards, it's all subsidised by the Dept Disability and as they said, being an OH&S approved bathroom can mean savings in hospital admissions plus allow me home care as well as the nurses need to have approved facilities before I can go home if hospitalised so that's the BEST news ever.

Plus I get to choose colour paint, floor tiles, wall tiles, border tiles etc - Toni is so excited bout that part LOL and lots more.

Exhausted now though, been another long night no sleep, lots pain so might give in and take Endone after dinner and try resting.

Oh dinner was scalloped potatos with bacon, curried sausages with steamed vegetables - delish!

On track.

Weigh day tomorrow, not worried at all even if numbers are up as food has been 100% but legs have been the worst they have been for a while so eh, it will all balance out over time.


  1. A new bathroom will work wonders. How exciting for you all.


  2. Awesome the kids cleaned the house and good news on the bathroom :), kitchen next???


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