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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sat 30th Jun

Quiet day today, just taking things easy, only Michael and I here today, Toni was off at the boyfriend's place for the weekend as it was her boyfriend's father's birthday on Sunday, so they were celebrating.

I finally did it, took my first dose this morning of Thyroxine, was diagnosed with underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) back in late Feb but with so much happening at the time, I was unable to start taking my tablets.

Now I feel ready to commit to taking these every morning for next 6 weeks then I'll be going in for blood tests to see what progress I've made.

After reading up on all the symptoms etc hmmm explains a lot, this condition combined with very very low iron, vit D, vit B12 levels plus lymphoedema, no wonder I'm fighting an uphill battle - well, let's see how we go in next 6 weeks :)

At least it's a start! (posted on FB earlier today)

Strange though I've been reading a lot online on our health dept websites and it's ironic that a lot of the symptoms I've been experiencing this past year are the same for either hypothyroidism, low levels in vit b12, d and iron plus lymphoedema.. so will be interesting to see how things improve over time.

But I have to admit, I am somewhat relieved in knowing that there could be a real reason behind all my problems and that I could have a real chance in turning things around rather than believing the doctors when they tell me I can't be helped and to give up.

Anyway, dinner tonight was scrumptious as usual, we had homemade pizza's on light tortillas and was so filling.

We also had a small slice of Sara Lee Carrot cake which was so nice too.

Tomorrow hopefully if she's home early enough we'll be having a roast lamb dinner :)


  1. Thyroid problems are a lot more common in overweight than most people realise. Keep up the tablets no matter what.

    With all that you are going through don't be surprised if it takes several months for your body to respond to any great degree. Minimal changes would be good under the circumstances.

    Cheering for you..


  2. Looking after a thyroid condition can turn your life around. I have seen a couple of friends change their lives and weights dramatically once they worked on their thyroid condition. Good luck sweety!


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