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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14th Feb - Tue - Valentine's Day

been a while since my last confession (blog entry)

life has been tough since the the last post, my leg has been swollen, damaged by my episode in the car getting caught, so I have basically hibernated in the house feeling sorry for myself

but enough is enough

today is Valentine's Day and I owe it to myself AND my two kids to get over what happened and move on, not allow myself to hide away feeling sorry and give up on living life.

So, a very happy valentine's day to everyone, I like to offer this thought though, before we say "I love you" to someone else today, why not look at ourselves through a mirror and say "I love you" to ourselves first?

Truly the hardest thing in this world is to love ourselves unconditionally, without judgement, without censure, without ridicule

Here's me back blogging again, little quieter, little more hesitant, but not giving up.

Back later today :)


  1. Hi. Sending love

    Be good *smiles*

    Blessings Anne NZ

  2. Good to know you are feeling more positive Chick.
    I can't imagine looking in a mirror and saying "I love you" to myself!


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