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Thursday, February 16, 2012

16th Feb - Thu

Yesterday I bit the bullet and attempted getting back in the car for a drive down to the hydrotherapy centre and boy was it worth it!

45 mins of blissful swimming / walking in the warm water with fantastic weightlessness of my legs, you can't begin to imagine how it felt not feeling the tremendous weight of both my legs out of the water, just was so nice being able to stand up straight instead of hunched over and being able to just walk from side to side in the pool like a "normal" person!

Going home I stressed again about what would happen if my leg got caught again, but Michael helped me out of the car and it was fine, no problems, in fact, he dared me to get in the house, get changed and rush back out to the car for another trip out this time up to local shops to get some groceries and go browsing in Dick Smith's and Big W and of course I couldn't refuse!!! :)

Heheh we had a great time out and he took his time pushing me in Woolworth's so I could browse and see all the new items, (dare I say I love him for his sensitivity, well, some times anyway LOL)

And again, no problems getting out of the car, so maybe it was just a bad day that time?  Who knows?

Later this afternoon I'm heading to gym if Toni is up for it, she started Tafe this week and we're just settling into the new times and routines, so we'll see how it goes this afternoon.

I also did my boxing ball yesterday too for 30 mins, but we've lost the pump and the ball is almost completely deflated so I'll need a new pump with the attachment to be able to do this again (sad face - I really enjoyed it)

Sigh, not so long to my birthday, 47 yrs old, gee, I don't feel it mentally at all hehehe guess the kids keep me young at heart? :)

Ok, I'm off to get my study organised, back later tonight with updates..

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  1. What a shame you can't just stay in the water!
    I love being in water too.
    And shopping... my you are getting out and about, awesome.

  2. Real happy you have been out & about...and no trouble with getting stuck in the car.

    I love love the water...must be something to do with our water sign ehhh?


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