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Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016

Yep, it's me, don't go.... I promise I'll be more active this year, actually, I really missed blogging, yep, you heard me, I missed blogging! :)

Basically I stopped because I really felt like I had nothing to offer you all, my life was so boring, the same old thing day in, day out, my weight loss stalled due to my many health problems and I mainly was focussing on getting through each day the best way I could.

I really didn't think you'd be interested in reading about my daily battles just to get out of bed and move let alone my struggles with lymphoedema, wheelchair, not being able to fit in the car so therefore becoming 24/7 housebound, plus my kids etc.

But I decided to give it a try just for a bit and see what happens...

Drop a comment off if you like and say "hi" :)

Hope you all have a fantastic fun day today as we welcome the new year ...


  1. Hi, and hey there might be others in your position that could learn from your blog. Just because you think it is boring, doesn't mean it is to others. Happy 2016 :)

  2. Awesome luv checking up on you Happy New Year Anne and family

  3. I know the feeling Anne. Not the exact feeling of course, because my struggles are different to yours. But I do feel like I don't have much to say beyond the daily stuff going on, and I wonder why people would visit a blog to read about it. Mine is also private which means I only have a couple of followers! But I love reading about your day. The only reason I don't comment more on FB is because of 1) time and 2) I don't know what to say about your struggles with D. I am on your side, as many people are. If blogging is something that helps you, I'll be here to read it and support you. Much love and Happy New Year! Penny xo

  4. Yay! I am so happy you're back! I don't blog much anymore but always read my faves xoxo Happy New Year!

  5. Yay happy to see you back Anne, Happy New Year to you and yours xx

    Facebook has taken over from blogging but I love my blog and writing down a few thoughts to share.

  6. Hi Anne. Keep blogging especially if it helps you. I stopped blogging and it was the worst thing ever.... because blogging was keeping me focused. I will read. Happy New Year

  7. Hi Anne. You are a very talented woman. I think you'll be surprised if you treat your blog as more of a lifestyle journal. Our lives are not really about weight loss except as it affects our lifestyles. I find I cannot write about weight loss anymore except as an incidental part of my life. We all have challenges. For some it might be getting out of bed and dressing. For others it might be finding a way through crazy circumstances. It's not the detail but the journey that matters.

    Your courage has always amazed me.

    Look forward to seeing you here more often.

    Take care. Blessings:):):)


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