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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5th March 2014 / Weigh Day

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb
Was: 198.7 kg | 437.1 lb
Now: 197.9 kg | 434.5 lb
Loss: -0.8 kg | -1.8 lb

Total losses: -35.3 kg | -77.7 lb

Losses for 2014: -7.5 kg | -16.5 lb

Loss of 800 grams this week, doesn't sound a lot but definitely a weight of my mind!  Mainly because I just can't tell any more, with my legs up and down etc, it's all up in the air from day to day how heavy I am and it's frustrating to know you do the right thing but don't achieve it on the scales.

Having said that, after gaining 700 grams last week (birthday week) I was struggling this week for some reason, not sure why actually, just dealing with a lot of pain and the legs were different this week, not heavy but hot spots were happening with feeling of knots deep inside which I am so wary of as I've been warned about the high dangers of blood clots with lymphoedema in legs especially when I've lost a lot of feeling down one side of my body (left) due the major car accident I had 9 yrs ago about this time of year too.

Anyway, week has finished, had a loss and now concentrating on another loss for next week.

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