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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12th March weigh day again

Start: 233.2 kg | 513.04 lb
Was: 197.9 kg | 434.5 lb
Now: 201.6 kg | 443.5

Loss: +3.7 kg | +8.1 lb

Total losses: -31.6 kg | -69.5 lb

Losses for 2014: -3.8 kg | -8.4 lb

Frustrating as hell to have felt so good for weeks, with both legs going down in size and feeling really light and finding it so easy to move. It now gradually my legs especially the  right one is getting heavier and more swollen by the hour.

After a horrid week in regards to getting in the car and seating up properly on the seats etc I knew I was in for some problems come weigh day today and yep, gain of nearly 4 kilos (3.7 kg to be precise)


So back resting again and limited to short times sitting up in the chair, not what I wanted but anything to help maybe bring the fluid down out of the leg a little faster.

At least this week I got to go to the movies with the kids on Tuesday.  Toni and I saw Vampire Academy in one theatre while Michael popped next door at same time to watch 300 I think it was?

Anyway both finished same time and was fantastic to be out even if stuck in the chair and watch movies again like "real people" lol.

We are going to try and do this more often, maybe once a month if there are decent movies that is lol.

Wed morning I was sitting up in bed at 7:00 am since I had trouble sleeping Tues night so decided to do 30 mins dumbell arm exercises which actually paid off as I wasn't able to go to gym a) cause of the legs and b) Mel my trainer had to attend her daughter's school activity so wasn't going to be at gym anyway and yes I could have still gone and done my own workout while Toni went round the circuit but to be honest, I just was so tired and in pain that I saw it as proof that I should stay home and rest, which I did.

Ok well. Enough of the crying, depressive sad whinging Annie, back to smiling happy excited Anne instead.

Bring on the new week!


  1. Keep that smile happening lovely lady.

  2. I hope going to the moves happens again. It is nice to get out and about, especially for you. {{{HUGS}}}


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