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Monday, November 4, 2013

Michael's 32nd birthday

Michael's 32nd birthday today, wow, the years, well let's say I don't feel that old?  Yeah I know I had him at 16 yrs old and boy was tough, especially since I got kicked out of home once my mum and dad found out I was pregnant, the time I needed my mum the most, she asked my dad to tell me to leave, took many years before I forgave them, actually to be truthful I don't think I ever will totally forgive?

But, 32 yrs ago I had a beautiful baby boy, 9lbs, healthy, adorable and he had my heart from the first cry.

I nearly lost him though, a month or so old, I walked into his room just "knowing / feeling" something wasn't right and found him blue lying in the cot, not breathing and cold.

I panicked and since I was living in block apartments, I knew there were people home up the apartments near the street, so I decided to pick him up and run screaming up there begging someone to help as I didn't have a phone.

Luckily someone heard and called an ambulance and with all the shaking I was doing to him running plus God's help, we were able to revive him.

He ended up spending a few weeks in hospital and was diagnosed with gastric reflux, very bad to the point he had to have regular treatment and live in a Frazer chair 24/7 till he was over a year old.  Nothing was staying down and he had to have special foods etc but we got through it, all on my own, my parents believing it was what I deserved for what I had done, sex out of marriage yada yada.

Now, he's grown into a caring loving man who drives me totally insane at times, I grumble and complain, but I love him completely.

Happy birthday to my darling son and for the record?  I have absolutely NO regrets having him at all!  NONE my dear mother, none.

Ok yesterday, Michael and I went out to the local dog off leash park to see what it was like and we ended up going back home, grabbing our labrador and heading back.  It was a really great place, fully enclosed, was inside the Western Sydney Parklands and went for miles!  nature trails, this dog park and lots of other things I'm sure we will end up discovering.

But the park, yep, we will be going again very soon especially with both dogs as Shadow had a ball meeting up with all these other dogs.

I got jumped on by some bigger dogs which cause I was sitting in the wheelchair, they landed on my legs so have ended up with bruising, swelling and a lot of pain, hmm was a little pissed their owners didn't come and get their dogs and apologise I mean, hello, they were jumping on a disabled person in a wheelchair?

Anyway, next time we are going to be careful where we put me and keep an eye out for potential jumpees lol

But still was lots of fun and I got to go out for couple hours :)

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  1. Lovely post. Bummer about the dogs and their owners. Hope there are no repercussions form the bruising.

    Have a lovely day and Happy birthday Michael. You have to be one special man to have survived such a rocky start.

    Blessings to you all.


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