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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sat evening

So tired all the time it's frustrating, no sooner I fall asleep, hour later I'm wide awake, in pain, sweating and needing to move my legs around.

So get up, get help to shuffle to the bathroom then back to bed, get comfy, take tablets, drink, eat something, grab iPad, read or listen music then find myself falling asleep.

Hour later I'm wide awake and so on and so on, you get the point.

But I am definitely better than Wed afternoon that's for sure :)

So tomorrow I should be well enough to leave the house for dinner up at our local Inn for Mum's dinner which I am looking forward to, seeing my mum after her eye operation and giving her a big hug.

I know I will be back in bed resting as soon as they leave, but it's going to be worth it.

We've adjusted my medication a little to drop one of the pain meds back to Ad Hoc rather than every 6 hrs, I'm going to try doing without it and seeing how's the pain threshold is but not being stupid about it either, if I need it I will take it.

But I am continuing to have the twice daily OxyContin though so that's ok and I'll be dropping the Keflex back down to "normal" doses 7 days after this all flared up so next Thu I'll be back to 2 tabs twice a day which will be good, hate all these extra tablets I'm taking at moment, really upsets my stomach I'm sure!

Looking ahead, I'm hoping all being well, returning to gym on Tues afternoon, even if this one is just driving there, sitting while Toni does her workout then returning home, I just want to try going out for that length of time and seeing how my body reacts then maybe doing it again on Fri and even working out myself, anyway, play it by ear on the day I think.

Night all :)


  1. Anne, I have been taking 2 drinking 2 yakulkt drinks a day and it is helping my stomach upsets caused by the ciproflaxin and Bactrim. Also inner health might help you.

  2. Hope you managed to get out with Toni today :-)

    1. Unfortunately Jen, I was'nt well enough this time but hopefully Fri?


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