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Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy birthday Mum

Feeling a little more human tonight, was able to focus more and even felt up to eating a little which helped stop the nausea I have been struggling with recently.

Right leg is still very painful but luckily this time round no redness, so think this will be over by Sunday woohoo which means I hopefully will be up for going out for dinner as long as I agree to the kids terms of staying in bed before and afterwards to fully recover.

All in all this was by no means a "bad" attack of cellulitis as in length or severity but having said that, every attack is doing more damage to my lymphatic system and we're not sure how much more my body can take before shutting down, so not a good future but that's enough of that.

Sigh and I was all ready for going back to gym today too before this all happened, but fingers crossed, maybe Tuesday next week?

Oh mustn't forget, got a guy coming tomorrow to check out my front big tree that lookalike it's either dying or already dead :(. I planted these 4 trees 28 yrs ago and have already lost one, don't want to lose this one too but if its dead will have to get it chopped down as it is very tall and I'm scared of it falling onto the road or back towards the house.

Then I'll have to plan what to replace it with I guess, I love the privacy that the trees give us at the front hmm.

Ok head woozy now, yep just taken endone and it's kicked in now


  1. I hope you can go out for dinner rest up chickee

  2. Hope the weekend works out. Happy Birthday to your Mum.


  3. Hope you get to go out for dinner tomorrow night :)


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