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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weight results plus cellulitis again - 28th Aug

Start weight: 213.5 kg / 469.7 lb

Week 1 lost -2.9 kg
Week 2 lost -3.8 kg
Week 3 lost -3.4 kg
Week 4 gained +1.8 kg
Week 5 lost -0.4 kg
Week 6 gained +1.0 kg (cellulitis attack 2-3:00 pm straight after weighing in)

Total in 6 weeks: -7.7 kg / 16.94 lb

Felt absolutely horrible last few days and sure enough, weighed in today (time of month finishing yesterday) then back to bed with cold, fevers, chills, shakes, yep, full blown cellulitis attack, legs are extremely painful esp to touch and feel like they're burning up from the inside out!

So confined to bed again, and concentrating on taking all my tabs on time yeah we upped the keflex from 2 tabs twice a day to 4 tabs every six hours plus two panadol and endone and OxyContin as needed throughout the day / night.  Trying to hit this hard to allow me to a) stay at home and b) get well quicker so I can go out for my mum's birthday lunch which we're having everyone come down here for on Sunday, going up to our local Carousel Inn for dinner.

Damn asthma is also playing up, sitting here wheezing away

Ok resting now  

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  1. Blody hell... again!
    I hope you improve enough to enjoy your Mum's Birthday.


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