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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weight results - 14th Aug 2013

Start weight: 213.5 kg / 469.7 lb

Week 1 lost -2.9 kg
Week 2 lost -3.8 kg
Week 3 lost -3.4 kg
Week 4 gained +1.8 kg

Total in 4 weeks: -8.3 kg / 18.26 lb

Been a really weird week this past one, recovering has taken longer than I usually do and that is SO frustrating, being stuck in bed really makes me feel so miserable and useless, hate those feelings.

Also, hunger has been a real issue too this week, I can't eat a lot at one time so have been having lots of little snacks instead, all healthy and tracked, but my stomach has been doing lots of "tummy farts" as the kids call it, sounds hilarious but I just feel like, I could eat a horse but if you gave it to me, one bite and I'm full, sigh.

And of course, I still can't move around a lot, a bit of bed dancing but nothing major, hopefully this coming week I can do a lot more

Went to my local dr and she's delighted with the "floppy" look of my right leg, definitely can see where the fluid had come from, but looks like I'm already starting to fill up again which is disappointing.

Blood pressure is great, lungs clear, she's very happy with how I handled this last cellulitis episode and to continue now with the preventative antibiotics.  She also warned me she's going away in couple weeks, so I'm popping back into see her before she leaves so we can make sure I've gotten all my scripts for antibiotics, seretide and OxyContin so I don't run out while she's away and have to try and get some other doctor to give me the scripts.  I think she's gone for bout 3-4 weeks.

Well, that's about me done, will try and update more regularly lol oh got my mum's birthday at end of Aug and I've arranged for my brother in law to bring her down and we will all hopefully go out for dinner on that Sunday night cross fingers I'm well enough.

Oh another thing, Michael will be going up to Mum's next Tues to take her to the hospital, she's having surgery on her eyes, one next Tue, then the other next month, anyway, Michael will take her there and back home again, staying the night so he can then driven her to the specialist the next day for checkup.

So Toni & I will be home alone Tue, Wed :) woohoo party time lol.

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