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Friday, August 2, 2013


It's been quite a while old faithful friend since I've last been here and updated, but here I am

I've missed updating actually and I keep meaning to pop back but ended up gasp posting mostly on the dreaded Facebook, I know I know and to be truthful, I do miss just putting it on here all my thoughts, feelings etc but I guess I let myself get all worried about how people perceived me, how I saw myself and my failures in weight loss, exercise etc and I "thought" that everyone saw through me and saw all my weaknesses and gave up on me as I now realised I had given up on me.

So I had to really think about what I wanted from my blog, what I needed to do to get what I needed and to be honest, truthful committed and open in what I write and most of all, do this for me and only then will blogging be once again a place of comfort, serenity and safety.

There you go :)  

I'm home.


  1. Welcome Home. You have been very much on my mind the last week or so so this post is good to see.

    Anne, I have a suggestion. I do not want you to think I am telling you what to do, but I do have a suggestion.

    Lately I have been listening to a lot of podcasts here, http://www.thepaleomom.com/ by these two women who are recovering from autoimmune diseases. Now I have been curious about autoimmune disease for a while. It just sounds like a new name for stuff the doctors do not know how to deal with. But, here's the rub, judging from what I am hearing and reading I too am recovering from an autoimmune disease. They are almost impossible to diagnose as symptoms can apply to many diseases at the same time. I know you have a diagnosis so at least you are one step ahead on that.

    There are many people dealing with chronic and frustrating diseases which can also be life threatening and at the very least take much away from living our lives well. With that in mind I am telling everyone, who I think might benefit, about this website. I am not following their protocal, nor am I strictly Paleo but there is a lot of interesting stuff here. Some is scientific, much is personal experience, some is anecdotal and they do refer to a lot of people with specialist knowledge. I really think you would benefit from popping over and at least having a quick read and listening to a podcast or two.

    Do hope this encourages you.


  2. Welcome back Anne. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Don't feel bad - we are not judging you and you can only do what you can do. I haven't written on my blog in nearly two months - I too need to think about what role it is playing for me. Much love and best wishes for your health.

    PS: I can knit - want me to give your socks a go?


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