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Friday, April 5, 2013

Fri 5th Mar

Another quiet wet day here, well, wet then hot then wet then hot sigh, typical day, can't make up it's mind :)

Rested most of the day as I had another bad night but that's ok, I snoozed on and off so that sorta helped me catch up on some sleep.

Feeling better than the last couple days though so that's good.

Didn't make it to gym either as I just didn't want to push it too much too early, so we'll see how I am come next Tuesday.

Donna, the meals come in little bags for each day and either in fridge or freezer, the dinners are prepared meals but this time round I'm enjoying home made meals with the kids but Lite n Easy's dinners are really nice and good portioned sizes too

MargieAnne, I did have a lot of allergies growing up to do with eczema and asthma eg: i was allergic to all dairy, eggs to name a few but mostly have outgrown them thank goodness as I love my eggs now LOL but can't stomach milk by itself as I never had it growing up so I can have skim milk in coffee etc but not by itself or in cereal etc.  Plus I am still deathly allergic to penicillin which is a total bummer as penicillin is the BEST antibiotic to use for lymphoedema.

In regards to getting nutrition etc from foods, my doctor is all over that and I am tested for everything and so far so good, including calcium levels / bone density etc which is terrific considering my minimal amount of milk I have lol but I am still critically deficient in Vit D and I have hypothyroidism as well as my usual conditions (asthma, deaf, short sighted, lymphoedema, Lipodermatosclerosis and Elephantiasis (lymphatic filariasis) phew)

But, I'm alive, I'm fighting and I'm actually feeling good about things :)


  1. "But, I'm alive, I'm fighting and I'm actually feeling good about things" ... nice ;)

  2. Yes, I'm with Lyn. And on your side. I hope things get better soon. Thinking of you Anne, from Penny xo

  3. Oh you smart arse!!! Grass Vs crackers? Crackers WIN! I didn't know I was eating grass, whereas you did know you were trying to look through the holes in ya crackers! na na nah nah.

  4. And where are your regular posts? :)

  5. Hope things are going along ok :) xxx


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