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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Catch Up before regular resuming of posts LOL

Been a while since I've been on here (sad face) I just didn't feel up to doing much over the past few months, this year hasn't been the best so far health wise and that was frustrating and disappointing but hey them's the break unfortunately.

Anyway, let me see, where were we?

Ohh week before last I bought the Lite n Easy breakfast, lunch & dinners packages and found it a great help but was way out of my budget to do more than maybe twice a month but when I went and double checked the amount, found that if I got the 7 day breakfast & lunches instead, I could afford that each week and for dinners, the kids and I will just have normal portioned controlled healthy options ourselves which is a win win situation :)

So last week was just normal foods and this week I have started on the 7 day breakfast / lunches plan so we'll see how that goes :)

Weight wise

Date:              Kilos          Pounds         Losses

5-Mar 211.7 465.7
12-Mar 211.3 464.9 -0.4
19-Mar 207.0 455.4 -4.3
27-Mar 206.0 453.2 -1.0
3-Apr 205.6 452.3 -0.4

Total losses for 2013
-6.1 kg / -13.4 lb

Total losses overall (from heaviest 233.2 kg)
-38.4 kg / -84.5 lb

So, all in all, it's slowly coming off.

Health / Legs / Lymphoedema

That's another story, it's been tough, every few weeks I'm having another cellulitis attack which is increasingly harder and harder to deal with both physically and mentally, very draining and emotionally I'm a wreck!

I have got an appointment finally with the Lymphoedema Clinic at Westmead on 22nd April so that's a good thing and we'll see if they're able to help more now than they could in the past.

Wheelchair well, that's a bust in regards to getting it fixed, it's been since Oct 2012 and I'm STILL waiting for them to get the right parts ie wheels, arms, new seat etc, it's been 3 times stuff arrived and 3 times it's wrong sigh, so now they're talking end April / May ???? I mean thank goodness I can still use the chair (just) but the tyres are so smooth now, so bald it's slippery on wet surfaces and a little dangerous and harder to push, so not happy :(

Gym / Curves has also been a non event too as each week I am either sick in bed, or in bed recovering, never seems to end at moment, so I'm not stressing about it, just doing a little exercise here at home in bed, or in chair ie Just Dance 4 etc and that will have to do for now.

Study - what study?  Enough said.

Kids are fine :) Toni's back at Tafe and Michael is just here LOL - nah they've both been a terrific help and it's great having their support in all aspects.

In fact, they've been weighing in each week (along with our pets too LOL) it's become a real family event each week and actually that's the best part cause we're all looking out for each other in regards to eating healthily and making better choices :)

Ok, exhausted now, time to close computer and head back to bed, so hopefully now I've done this huge catch up, I can update more regularly hehe hmmm wonder if anyone is actually around now to read since I've been absent for a while LOL :) sigh oh well, till next time.


  1. You do sound bright in spite of the cellulitis problems. Just thinking out loud here....

    I guess you have exhausted every aspect of why you are having so many problems health/weight wise. Your weight is coming down and while it's a problem it isn't all that terrible especially when you allow for the lymphodema. Soooo...... have you explored the possibility of food allergies/intolerances that prevent you from receiving essential nutrition from the foods you eat?

    There is a lot of research into things like metabolic disease and there is talk of malnutrition being one of the causes of overweight/serious obesity as well as endocrine/hormonal issues.

    I feel so sad that you are trying to do your best and keep get knocked down again. I do so wish for a helpful solution for you.

    I'm praying for you as you continue and it's good that the meal plan is working for you all.


  2. Glad things are generally good for you at the moment (except for the cellulitus)... and small and steady weightlosses (while sometimes disapointing) is the best way to go. Yay well done on those!

  3. Congrats on those losses :). And hopefully the year can only get better for you.

  4. Thinking of you Anne glad you did an update .Enjoy the meals sounds like a good thing for you do they come all ready to eat ?
    Take care Donna in nz


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