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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wed 13th Feb 2013

To clear up any misunderstanding, I still have my wheelchair, its just not very easy to use as you can imagine with buckled wheels and bald tires to say the least, so just very careful using it so as to not damage it anymore.

Needless to say, they didn't ring up today either so still not sure if they will indeed turn up tomorrow or not, will be plenty swearing going on in my room if they do not :(

Today's photo challenge was "walking" - to walk short distance and take a photo showing what's around you, hmmm that was a challenge for me, but decided to take it tongue in cheek and on my "daily" walk to bathroom, stop and take the photo lol, well, it was a walk right and it was short? lol.

Had my first online class for the semester tonight from 8 - 9 pm and I tried logging on via the iPad and that worked brilliantly, could see and hear Cale every well but wouldn't you know, I just couldn't login via the PC no matter what I tried lol but finally worked out the kinks and now I'm set up for class whether in chair on PC or in bed on iPad.

Really tired tonight so might log off and get some sleep, hopefully longer than 2 hours, making sure its black as night, no noise apart from my storm sleep radio, air cond on low so I don't overheat, tablets not due till 5:00 am, I'm all set so night all :)

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  1. The bubbles lift this photo. You take good photos. Look forward to next edition. *smiles*

    Great about sorting out easier ways to do your studies.

    Thanks for email too.


  2. Love the pic

    Sweet dreams x


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