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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thu 14th Feb 2013

Tired - so tired all day, I'm really struggling at moment with staying asleep, my legs are in so much pain that's waking me up every 1.5 - 2 hours and I just can't roll over and go back to sleep no matter how much I try, I've tried soothing music, kept lights off etc but nothing, my mind is wide awake, my legs are aching and I'm up.

Normally I can deal with a couple hours sleep at a time but this week, actually since I've been sick this last attack, my body is in shut down mode and I'm trying hard to work around it.

One thing different this time round is they put me on 10mg endone every 6 hrs and that could be having quite an effect on me as I normally was lucky to have one tab every 12 hrs, but the pain this time round has been much more intense hence the stronger dose, but I've had enough of feeling so out of it, tired etc, so will start weaning myself off the painkillers if possible - I can put up with pain if it means I'm not so tired ALL the time, catch 22 situation I know

Today's photo was " love is ..." And to me, love is my family, simple, without them, well, can't imagine.

So below is the picture with my two kids, Toni and Michael,plus Toni's boyfriend Paul, then my brother in law John my nephew Andrew and his girlfriend Jess, my niece Kate and my mum.  Also there are my animals lol, Jordan, Shadow and Charcoal the cat.

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  1. Hi

    I don't have your leg problems but I do get aching legs sometimes at night from my job, it is so hard to sleep even when they ache just a bit I am up and down like a yoyo! taking painkillers too!...I cannot imagine how horrid it is for you! I can see you are doing your best as always,

    Take care



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