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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tue 12th Feb 2013

Wheelchair not fixed today, not even a phone call to say why they didn't turn up, not happy!  That wheelchair is my lifeline outside the house, without it I'm literally stuck.  Been waiting since Oct last year and god knows how many phone calls trying to organise the company that is responsible for the care, service and repair arrgghh

Will ring tomorrow and try and get some answers.

Today's photo not very exciting, just where we ate lunch today, for me was my recliner chair out in lounge room.

Tomorrow will be an interesting photo, "walk" now that's a challenge in itself for me, we are supposed to walk somewhere and take a picture of what we see hmmm.

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  1. Walk!!!! Surely they left alternatives for people who cannot walk. I notice you don't have a wheelchair so you can't pretend the wheels are your legs.

    Brainteasers are good for us so you'll work it out.


  2. geee hope that wheelchair of yours is returned to you fixed soon.
    I'd be demanding answers.


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