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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tue & Wed 19-20th Feb 2013

Highs and lows Tuesday and even though I had started writing this I actually did not feel up to finishing so decided to combine Tues and Wed.

Tue we went to gym first time in months and was a really good workout but when I arrived I was told that the gym was in process of being sold which could mean my arrangement I have with Mel the current owner and her staff will be stopped and since I'm not technically using the machines even though I still pay the same monthly fee as everyone else but I instead sit in my chair in the middle of circuit and do upper body exercises along with my weights that I provide and boxing, Mel or whoever is on stands in front of me and does the exercises with me or instructs / motivates me during the 30 mins that Toni is going around the circuit, during this time the instructor is also monitoring other members, answering phones etc and if she needs to go be with a new member she does, keeping an eye to make sure I'm doing the right exercises etc

They tell me they love doing this and helping me to get fit even though its not the traditional Curves circuit and now I'm scared / worried that the new owner will not allow this to continue which of course is their right

I don't want to have to stop :(

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  1. I'm sure that if the new owners want to keep their clientèle and there for keep their profits they will be doing everything in their power to continue as the previous owners are. Don't stress, you'll be fine. They wouldn't want bad publicity which I'm sure they could get if the media found out they kicked a member out because she uses a wheelchair ;)

  2. Hope things work out well for you at the gym. In the meantime I hope you can enjoy what you can do.

    Hope you are having a good day.


  3. Here's hoping the new owners allow you to do what you do at the gym. I am sure they will.

  4. I think seeing as you pay the same as everyone else they would be happy to keep helping you with your routine?
    When do the new owners take over, or is the gym not sold yet?


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