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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mon 18th Feb 2013

Beautiful sunshine in the morning, stormy, lightning, rain and thunder in the afternoon - bliss :) 

Woke up as usual to have my 3.00 am tablets (or round about) and when I realised that today's Photo of the Day challenge was "something I don't like" it was a no brainer I had to take photos of my tablets - yep, I hate having them every 6 hours especially during the early hours of the morning, I struggle to get to sleep anyway, then having to wake up just to have these then it takes me FOREVER to get back to sleep again, it's just suckie :(

Oh before I forget, "happy birthday" to Jackie (Jaxx) hope you had a fantastic day and was thoroughly spoilt by hubbie and kids.

Me well, after enjoying the storm this afternoon, it got really hot and sticky again which meant closing doors and putting the air cond back on ... sigh.

Tonight off to lounge room for TV night with Toni-Maree, first My Kitchen Rules, then Masterchef that we will be taping then for me I watch The Block which I will be taping in my room - lol 3 shows all same time but I think we have it worked out LOL 

Can't wait for Biggest Loser to return plus Offspring and a few other shows my brain is not letting me remember at moment LOL

Got all my study stuff worked out between PC and iPad I think I have it covered and even if I'm stuck in bed I will be able to attend my online class on Wed using the iPad so that's good

Ok, I'm off to lounge room and if I don't get back on to add more, well, I'll publish this now just in case.
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  1. I love my kitchen rules too!! Great show!!

  2. Downloaded the Instagram app but it won't let me register...grrrrr

  3. I hate taking all my tablets too... the metformin ones are HUGE and often get stuck. Ikkkky.


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