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Monday, February 11, 2013

Mon 11th Feb 2013

Mon morning, Toni was off for first day at Tafe for this year and I fiddled around on ipad seeing what I could or could not do in respect of my own course I'm doing this year: Website Development Course and I can do a fair bit of the reading portion plus the online class through Adobe Connect on Wed evenings (to be tested this coming Wed) so no more excuses about being bedridden etc, I can still keep up and if I plan my time properly each of the hour blocks that I am at the computer I will already know what I am doing - see, time efficient :)

Gotta love Flexible online Delivery @ Tafe plus my course being at same Tafe. Toni, she's been a real help in taking and picking up stuff for me.

Today's photo of the day challenge was "entrance" and we took a fantastic photo when we had the bathroom renovated, with the door on but no handle, looking through the hole into the bathroom, well, I thought it would be good for today's word.

You ever had a situation where words you've challenge someone else with come back to haunt you?  Well in my case, my daughter decided to issue the same challenge back to me for Feb, so I guess I have to suck it up as well....

Good to see though that certain diet coke drinking people (waves to that stubborn NZ woman who drinks that ghastly drink (think of swapping to Pepsi Max eh? lol), very proud of how you've picked up this challenge and running with it and yes, I will be fiendishly planning March's challenge hehehe sigh, as long as Toni doesn't then throw it back to me, I think you and her are in cahoots lol)

Listening to Glee, writing this entry early hours Tues morning 2:00 am, and I'm bouncing my legs around, waving my arms clapping etc generally just bopping around and I realised something, I was happy, don't get me wrong pain was still extreme, still on antibiotics, but I was .... happy :)

               ...... And I'll remember the strength that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own

I'll remember the way that you saved me
I'll remember ......

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