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Friday, February 15, 2013

Fri 15th Feb

Not great news today, turns out they have stuffed up the order of the new wheels for my wheelchair and didn't bother telling me, but when I rung up today demanding answers there was a lot of apologising but not much action.  They say the supplier overseas sent the wrong size wheels in 22" instead of 24" so the need to reorder them and it will be mid to end Mar before they expect to receive them THEN they'll need to book me in to get all the repairs and servicing done which could be April!

Considering it was the 15th Nov 2012 (3 months!) when they placed the order? Yes I can use the chair thank goodness but its getting harder to push, noisier and I'm sure using a wheelchair at my weight is also doing damage to the chair, I mean it has a buckled wheel plus bald tires etc, sigh.

Anyway, I have to be patient and hope the chair lasts till they can fix it otherwise, I don't know what I would do?  So scared that I could be completely housebound soon.  Didn't realise how completely I depend on that chair.

Photo of the day is inside my fridge lol sad thing it is, I really need to do a massive online grocery shop and fill it back up again, but I did the photo, my fridge in it's dying glory (really need a new fridge too lol)

Otherwise today as per usual is as boring as normal, rested, studied, watched tv, talked to the kids yada yada yada lol

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