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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sun 17th Feb 2013

Not a very exciting day as per usual, but rested, read, watched tv with the kids etc lol still was a day without drama or being sick and that's always a GREAT day in my opinion.

Felt off later tonight so after dinner I headed off to bed and slept till 1:00 am then a splitting headache kept me awake till now 3:00 am but tabs due in half hour then I will try and sleep again

Hopefully I can publish this now lol

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  1. Lovely photo idea. Now to go a step further as I believe you have done at some time. Open your hands and give it to God, trusting the hands you haven not seen.

    That's not an excuse for slacking but means you are not on your own.

    Pty about the headache but great about the sleep.



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