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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sat 16th Feb 2013

Slept pretty well last night which was great, I kept waking up, but managed to re adjust my legs and fall back to sleep again pretty quickly which meant I probably had around 5 - 6 hours without having to get up.

And even though I am back to taking two Endone tablets every 6 hours, I don't feel as dopey as I did couple days ago plus the leg pain is more controlled so win win for me right now.

Today I felt well enough to get up and have a really long shower, washing my hair and generally taking care of myself a bit better today and the whole shower thing might sound so simple and everyday routine to everyone but for me, well that's a whole story in itself but I won't bore you suffice to say its a challenge that has often beaten me but not today, one to me, zero to lymphoedema!

Today's photo challenge was "perfect" and I really struggled with this, perfection is such an elusive item to portray, by very definition of the word itself, to strive for perfection is a goal that is almost unattainable but I found a quote by the famous actor John Wayne and I combined it with a gorgeous photo I took a while ago of the most gorgeous sunset and the perfection aspect was the story behind the taking of the photo, I had been unable to fit in the car because of my legs for so long that I was becoming dangerously depressed and one day after being sick with cellulitis / lymphoedema yet again, Toni persuaded me to try and see if I could fit in the car yet and lo and behold I could this one evening, so she drove us around just nowhere in particular and as we were driving along, I saw this most beautiful sunset ahead of us and I was able to take some gorgeous pictures that embodied how happy how "perfect" this time out was for me.

One win for me, zero for lymphoedema!

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  1. Perfect combination, Quote, photo, and story behind it.

    Love the sunset. Moments lie that make precious memories.


  2. glad you won :)
    enjoy your day luv the sunset

  3. I love your perfection quote! Just so lovely!

  4. Love love love...yep perfection :-)


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