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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sun 10th Feb 2013

Being sick, stuck in bed all time and not sleeping, came in handy for today's photo of the day challenge being "3 o'clock"

Easy as I was playing Minecraft on the iPad in bed at 3:00 am this morning :)

Hardest part was getting a clear enough picture lol

Long night again but managed to doze here and there in between medications, bathroom breaks and reading, listening music etc on iPad

Hehehe glad to see my challenge accepted by a certain stubborn woman in NZ :)  don't worry, I already have the next few months worth of challenges up my sleeve, helps having a LOT of time to plan and think :)

On serious note, I'm tired of sitting back while life just passes me by, always watching, never able to fully experience it for myself, well that stops now!

I need to tackle back control of myself by whatever means available and to put myself first otherwise, I'm just existing through life, not living it.

I might have a lot of problems etc but I can do this in spite of them just takes some creative thinking on my part.

More on that later

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  1. I wonder who the stubborn NZ Tart? Hmmmm.
    I think your attitude is spot on, you should make the best of whatever you CAN do...and I will be watching you to make sure.

    Ever tried going 'walkies' in ya bed?
    Like put friggin wheels on it and get the kids to push you down a big hill, that would be fun! YES? Yeah, I know... NOT.
    I'm sure whatever you try and do, you will give it 110%... cos you are as stubborn as this Kiwi Tart.


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